*Plenary Lectures [#o53d3053]
-''Masao DOI'' (University of Tokyo, Japan) ~
Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Hydrogels
-''Charles HAN'' (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, P. R.)~
Nucleation Phase Separation Under Oscillatory Shear  
-''Kun Sup HYUN'' (Polymer Processing Institute, USA)~
Industrial Applications of Rheological Data for Product and Process Design
-''Valery KULICHIKHIN'' (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)~
Interrelatiopships between rheology of nanocomposites and polymer melts

*Mini-Symposia, Topics and Keynote Speakers[#z27fd1e2]
-Topics and keynote speakers [[shown here>Mini-Symposia and Topics]].
-Mini-symposia organizers [[shown here>Mini-Symposia Organizers]].

*Program [#r79ff947]
Detail of the program/abstracts is available as PDF files.
(The downloading service is temporary unavailable. )
//(The downloading service is temporary unavailable. )
//[[Click here for downloading(94MB).>http://prcr2010.com/pdf/PRCR5fin.zip]]
[[Click here for downloading(94MB).>http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5817568/PRCR5fin.zip]]

*Internet connection [#f2958afc]
The information will be supplied to the delegates when they make the conference registration at the reception desk.  

*Cloakroom [#l01a1e7f]
On the last day of the conference, Aug.6, the room F in the conference Hall will be used as the cloakroom.  Please come to the reception desk if you like to keep your luggage in this room.  

*Lunch place [#ieaaec3f]
The conference serves no lunch except on Aug.4 (at the excursion) and Aug. 6 (farewell lunch).  You will receive a map for convenient lunch places and other facilities at the reception desk when you make the conference registration.

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