*Nov. 24 2009 [#n2ce695e]
-The link page to related conferences has been added.

*Oct. 28 2009 [#n2ce695e]
-The logo has been installed.

*Sep. 24 2009 [#i5705e38]
-[[The list of keynote speakers>Mini-Symposia and Topics]] is now available.

*Sep. 1 2009 [#x599fa75]
-[[Short Abstract>Abstract Submission and Acceptance]] can be now submitted.

*Aug. 17 2009 [#i69d8ec4]
-The conference webpage has been renewed.
-The [[conference overview>Overview]] has been updated.
-The list of [[mini-symposia, topics>Mini-Symposia and Topics]] and [[symposia organizers>Mini-Symposia organizers]] has been updated.
-The lists of [[organizing committee>Organizing Committee]] and [[international advisory board>International Advisory Board]] have been added.

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